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10 Tallest Waterfalls in India

Top 10 Waterfalls in India

1.      Vajrai Waterfall, Satara-Maharashtra: Height 560 meters, 1840 feet

Vajrai Waterfalls Maharashtra

The Vajrai Waterfall is located close to the Sahyadri hill, about 27  kilometers away from Satara city, Maharashtra. Vajrai is also known as Bhambavali village, which is famous as a devotional place; hence Vajrai Falls is also called as "Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall". Due to these waterfalls Bhambavali Village has become very popular Tourist Destination. Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall is India's tallest waterfalls and well known for its height and green valley. Vajrai is a 3 Step waterfall & has tremendous water flow throughout the year. Many tourists from all over Maharashtra and other parts of the nation, especially during the rainy season come here to visit this place.
Tourists can also visit Kas Plateu, another famous tourist place of Maharashtra which is located close to Vajrai Waterfall. Urmodi River is originated from Vajrai waterfall & the project named, 'Urmodi Dam Project" is built on Vajrai waterfall's river.

2.      Kunchikal Falls, Karnataka: Height 455 meters, 1493 feet

Kunchikal Falls - Karnataka

Kunchikal Falls is the second highest waterfalls in India after Vajrai Waterfall (Height 560 meters, 1840 feet); positioned at 455 meters, 1493 feet height above the mean sea level in Shimoga of Karnataka. This waterfall is also called as Kunchikal Abbe and is formed by Varahi River, which cascades down hundreds of rocks. The water flow to Kunchikal falls is reduced to more extent and visible only during rainy season. Hence best time to visit these Kunchikal waterfalls is during the months of July - September.
Agumbe is the nearest city to this place, Tourists can also see Agumbe sunset point, barkana falls, abbi falls, jogigundi, koodlu theera falls during their visit.

3.      Barehipani Falls, Orissa: Height 399 meters 1,309 feet

Barehipani Falls, Orissa

Barehipani Falls is just 5 km away from Baripada, Mayurbhanj. It is surrounded by deep forests that add to its mystic beauty. The Barehipani Falls has a total height of 399 meters (1,309 ft). Technically it is called a two drop tiered waterfall. The tallest single drop is 259 meters (850 ft). The water descends majestically from the Meghasani hills in Mayurbhanj district. The water falls with such a terrifying noise that it blocks all sense of reason from the visitors' minds. Some say that the water allures the visitor and casts a spell on all those that visit it.

4.      Langshiang Falls, Meghalaya: Height 337 meters 1106 feet

Langshiang Falls, Meghalaya

Langshiang falls are located at a distance of nearly 24 Km away from the Nongstoin town near Sangriang village on the river Kynshi. This Langshiang Falls is at the height of nearly 337 m. It is one of the highest waterfalls of India. The best view of this fall can be perceived from the village of Mawpon.
This is a perfect holiday spot for the tourists as it is surrounded by scenic beauty all around. The view of the waterfall with its mesmerizing surrounding is so eye-appealing that you will not feel like leaving the place easily.

5.      Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya: Height 335 meters, 1099 feet

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Cherrapunjee being the wettest land on the earth, because of rains throughout the year has numerous waterfalls falling from great heights. Nohkalikai Falls is one of them, falling from the height of 1100 feet or 335 m. This is the tallest waterfall of India. As the collected rainwater on the summit of a small plateau give birth to this waterfall the intensity of the fall decreases during dry seasons that is in between December and February.
The waterfall falls enthusiastically from this great height to the hard rocks to form a fantastic green colored pool, which is really an eye -catcher. This great fall lead to the formation of a big cavity behind the fall.

6.      Nohsngithiang Falls, Meghalaya: Height 315 meters, 1033 feet

Nohsngithiang Falls, Meghalaya

The Nohsngithiang waterfalls are situated one kilometre south of Mawsmai village in East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya India. Nohsngithiang waterfalls are one of the biggest waterfalls of India and also known as Seven Sisters Waterfalls and the Mawsmai Falls. These falls flow tremendously during Monsoons (rainy season). During sunsets this waterfall looks more beautiful. Tourists can visit this waterfall throughout the year but, best time to visit is during monsoon.

7.      Dudhsagar Falls, Goa: Height 310 meters, 1020 feet

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Dudhsagar waterfalls are one of the highest & most spectacular waterfalls located in Goa, India. Dudhsagar Fall is a tiered waterfall situated at the Mandovi River of Goa. Literally Dudhsagar means Ocean of Milk. Water flows sharply hundreds of feet in cascades of large volume, Creates a mist all around and gives milky white appearance; hence it got the name as Dudhsagar. Dudhsagar waterfall is also popular for trekking and hiking.
The roads remain closed during rainy season (June to September) as fast flowing waterfall cross the roads and make the road slippery and it is dangerous to drive.

8.      Kynrem Falls, Cherrapunji: Height 305 meters, 1001 feet

Kynrem Falls, Cherrapunji

The Kynrem Falls is three-tiered waterfalls located inside the Thangkharang Park, positioned about 12 kilometres from Cherrapunji in East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, India. Kynrem Falls is the 7th highest waterfalls in India flowing water from the height of 305 metres.

9.      Meenmutty Falls, Wayanad: Height 300 meters, 980 feet

Meenmutty Falls, Wayanad

Meenmutty Falls is a three-tiered waterfall located at a distance of 6 km from Vaduvanchal, 12 km from Bathery & 29 km from Kalpeta in Wayanad District of Kerala, India. Meenmutty Falls Cascades downwards in three stages from a height of about 305 meters. Literally, Meenmutty means fist Gets Blocked, in Malayalam Meen means fish and Mutty means blocked. Meenmutty waterfalls are one of the highest waterfalls of India and most visited waterfall of Wayanad, Kerala. It is a good trekking place, one need to trek 2-3 kms to reach Meenmutty waterfalls. You also found some Neolithic age carving Caves on the way to Waterfalls. At present Meenmutty Falls is closed for public.

10.  Thalaiyar Falls, Tamilnadu: Height 297 meters, 974 feet

Thalaiyar Waterfalls, Tamilnadu

The Thalaiyar falls is the highest falls of Tamilnadu, located in Kodaikanal, Dindigul district, India. Another name for Thalaiyar waterfalls is Rat Tail Falls. The water flows from 975 feet high and is known to be the 267th highest falls of the world. It is hard to reach this waterfall by road, as the road facility is not available.      


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