Friday, 15 February 2013

Guruvayur Festival

Temple Festivals of Kerala epitomize royalty, grandeur and carnivals of India. And one of them is the Guruvayur Festival or the Guruvayur Ulsavam celebrated at the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayur – known as the ‘Dwaraka of the South’- in Kerala starting from 5th of March.
This March, the little town of Guruvayur will bustle with activity as it celebrates the Guruvayur Festivals – Patahadi, Dhwajadi and Ankuradi that last all month. The Temple would be richly decorated by fresh-cut flowers during day and with multi-coloured blinking lights – thousands in a row at night and the streets would be lined with flower and light decorations with spiritual music in Malayalam playing at every nook and corner. Fireworks, decorative arch-ways, bunches of coconuts and plantain trunks which are planted by most doorways is what Guruvayur experiences every March.
Remembered for the elaborate ‘pujas’ in the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple and the majestic Elephant parades in which Elephants adorned with ornate golden caparisons (nettipattam) parade along with hundreds of Lord Krishna devotees and the temple priests doing the drum-roll in the festival procession around the temples, the Guruvayur Festivals in March are dedicated to Lord Krishna and are much-awaited by the locals and tourists. During this month the Temple hosts several cultural programs daily. It is a feast to the eyes and the experience takes you to a whole new level of spirituality even if you’re not a Hindu.
Known to have more than 60 captive Elephants which are an integral part of the Temple Pujas & Processions, the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple Board has constructed an exclusive, one-of-its-kind Elephant Palace to house these regal beings of which Gajarajan Guruvayur Kesavan is the most popular and celebrated elephant for his devout behaviour. Beside pilgrimage people from all over the country visit Guruvayur Temple during this festival because of the unique Elephant Race (Aanayottam) which marks the commencement of the festival where all the elephants along with their respective mahouts race against one another on the streets of Guruvayur.
Besides partaking in the celebration of the Guruvayur Festival, rheumatic patients also pay homage to the temple’s residing deity – Lord Krishna as it is a strong belief that doing so would relieve them of their suffering and ailments.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why India is popular for Tourism?

Travel and Tourism Industry in India

A Man, by nature, has never been satisfied by staying at the same place and never been contended by confining his whole life to only his native place. So traveling around this amazing world is a natural instinct of human being since times immemorial. Travel and Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries in terms of employment, and second to oil industry in terms of turnover.

Tourism industry holds massive potential for the Indian economy. It can provide a movement to other industries through direct and indirect linkages and can contribute significantly to India GDP. By the effect of globalization and opening of Indian economy to the world, travel and tourism in India is getting a great impetus. It is of the major industries in India, which has a great potential for long term growth along with earning a huge amount of foreign exchange for the country.
India Travel and Tourism Industry welcome to India

Why India is popular for Tourism?

I think these are the major factors that made India as a Popular Tourist Destination...

a. India is a vast country with diverse cultures and traditions.
b. India offers a great attraction for those who crave to know about the splendor and magnificence of one of the oldest civilizations of the world and for its scenic beauty, right from Himalayas to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh.
c. India also have a stable political government which a pre-requisite to promote tourism.
d. India is famous for its hospitality.

India has so many popular attractions which attracts lakhs of foreign tourists around the world.

A holiday in glorious India is a truly incredible experience. India is an immense country with unique traditions, cultural heritage and a mix up of variety religions. The India is a home for amazing tourist destinations; including sightseeing, historical forts, national parks, and pilgrimage centers, beaches and tiger safaris, more and more extraordinary spots. Historical Royal Rajasthan, cultural astounding Andhra Pradesh and traditional Tamilnadu, God own city Kerala, Goa, beautiful Taj Mahal (Agra), chilled Jammu - Kashmir, and Martyr Punjab, are the major tourist destinations in India.

The architecture magnificence around India astonishes which represents the great Mughal and Rajput constructions like Taj Mahal, Forts, temples, and modern buildings in the cities. The panorama is dazzling from the mountain peaks of the Himalayas in the north (Jammu), desert on the west (Rajasthan), the tea plantations on the West (Kerala), to the backwaters, palm groves on the south (Tamilnadu). There are also few top class wildlife sanctuaries, national parks (biological and zoological) in India. So you can see tigers, big cats, monkeys, various types of birds and number of animals while visiting these parks.

Apart from this, Indian govt has started several other new strategies for the promotion of tourism in India.

a. A multi-pronged approach has been adopted by Indian government that includes new mechanism for quick implementation of all tourism projects.
b. Development of integrated tourism circuits and rural destinations. 
c. Special capacity building in the unorganized hospitality sector and new marketing strategy.

Travel industry in India provides a large number of jobs in different areas through its various related fields. The scope of travel and tourism in India is truly enormous: in the last six years, it has provided almost 11 million jobs in its various fields and has the potential to provide another 37 million jobs (estimated by the NSSO, Ministry of Tourism) of the 120 million projected requirements by 2020.

The future of tourism in India is certainly bright with above fact and effort by Indian Govt.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Famous Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Find The Best Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is Widely known as the hub of Tourist attractions. It has many Beautiful, Romantic, Family and Scenic beaches all around.

1.      Ramakrishna Beach:

Ramakrishna Beach Images, Andhra Pradesh

Ramakrishna Beach is lovely & one of the most famous beaches on the East Coast, located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It is widely called as R K Beach, which derives its name from the Ramakrishna Mission. Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, Aquarium, number of road side parks with children play equipments & lawns, War Memorial, statues of eminent personalities are the main attractions near this Beach. Best time to visit Ramakrishna Beach is August to October and January to March, when the pleasant atmosphere is present all around the beach.

2.      Bheemunipatnam Beach:

Images of Bheemunipatnam Beach, AP


Bheemunipatnam Beach is the popular beach located in Bheemili Patnam about 25 km north of Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh. This beach is widely known as Bhimli Beach. Bhimli beach is considered one of the safest beaches for swimmers and surfers due to its shallowness of water. The road across Vizag and Bhimli Beach is about 24 kms and is known to be one of the longest beach roads of India.

3.      Manginapudi (Machilipatnam) Beach:

Images of Manginapudi (Machilipatnam) Beach


Manginapudi Beach is the natural beach located about 11 kms from Machilipatnam in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. The beach is famous for its panoramic views and beautiful locations and dark sands mixed up with black clay. Beach has a natural bay with deep and shallow waters. Machilipatnam beach is gifted with exotic sites and a historic port city. This beach is renowned as a health resort and also as a perfect picnic spot.

4.      Mypadu Beach:

Images of Mypadu Beach - Andhra Pradesh


Mypadu beach is located about 20 kms from Nellore city in Andhra Pradesh. It’s is a beautiful beach with lush greenery & long stretches of silver sand. Mypadu beach is an excellent beach which attracts many tourists all the time.

5.      Rishikonda Beach:

Images of Rishikonda Beach - Andhra Pradesh


Rishikonda Beach is located beach is about 10kms from Visakhapatnam and is a perfect place for spending the vacation. The clean beach and facilities for wind surfing and swimming attracts many tourists from all over the world. This beach is an ideal place for water sports lovers, especially for the swimmers, water skiers, & wind surfers.

6.      Kakinada Beach: 

Photos of Kakinada Beach - A.P

Kakinada beach is situated on the Uppada Road, which is about 5 km away from Kakinada city, Andhra Pradesh. This beach is a famous tourist attraction with the combination of gradual slope and wide shore. Clear water, the silver sand & the golden sun adds beauty to the beach. It’s a marvelous place for enjoying the sea breezes. The Beach also has an attractive & beautiful park near to it.

7.      Kalingapatnam Beach:

Top Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

    The Kalingapatnam beach is the perfect spot for spending your leisure time. It is situated in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. The long coast stretched along the Bay of Bengal makes it a famous tourist destination. During summers it becomes a hot spot for many visitors and dwellers, who throng from local as well as far off places to spend time in water. A.P Tourism department has developed this beach into a beach resort.

8.      Kothapatnam Beach:

Kothapatnam Beach A.P

Kothapatnam beach is the clean water beach located about 18 km from Ongole town in Andhra Pradesh. During Karthika Pournami thousands of devotees visit Kothapatnam beach to take a holy dip. Tourists can accommodate at cottages provided by A.P tourism near the beach.

9.      Motupalle Beach: 

Pictures of Motupalle Beach Andhra pradesh


Motapalle beach is the clean and sea water beach located in Motupalle village, which is about 12 km away from Chinaganjam & 45 km from Ongole in Andhra Pradesh. This beach is surrounded by lush greenery and is the beautiful spot for relaxation.

10.  Perupalem Beach:

Images of Perupalem Beach - Narsapur


Perupalem beach is the mesmerizing virgin beach located very close to Narsapur town in West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. Green paddy fields and lines of coconut trees are the feast for eyes along the Narsapur – Perupalem road. This beach is also popular for religious importance and historic heritage. October to March is the best time to visit Perupalem beach. This beach is shallow and sea water is safe for swimming & ideal for sun bath and surfing. Perupalem beach is the most captivating picturesque fusion of sea, sun & sand.

11.  Suryalanka Beach: 

Images of Suryalanka Beach Bapatla


Suryalanka Beach , which is widely known as Bapatla Beach is the silent and once unfamiliar beaches of Andhra Pradesh, located about 10 kms from Bapatla town.  At present this beach turned into a place of potential tourists and is a nice place to chill out and have fun. Suryalanka Beach with wide shore and flat beach is the closest beach to Hyderabad. APTDC provides cottages and guest houses for accommodation close to this beach.

12.  Vodarevu beach: 

Photos of Vodarevu beach

Vodarevu beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Andhra Pradesh, located about 6 kms from Chirala & 35 km from Guntur. This beach is bordered with pleasant sea on one side and abundance of coconut trees on other side. Tourists can spend their weekends at Vodarevu beach for memorable experience.

13.  Yarada Beach:

Images of Yarada Beach, Vizag AP


The Yarada Beach is another beach located very close to Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. This beach is surrounded by hills and valley. It is a captivating beach with soft pebbles and rocks, the golden sand and the lush green stretch of hills making it attractive for tourists. Yarada beach is calm and shallow and is the perfect place for relaxation & spending weekend/vacation.

14.  Ramapuram Beach:

 Ramapuram beach is another beautiful beach situated near Chirala in Andhra Pradesh. 

15.  Gangavaram Beach:

Andhra Pradesh Top Beaches


Gangavaram Beach is the beautiful beach situated near Vishakhapatnam steel plant (VSP) at a distance of 26 kms from south of Vishakhapatnam (vizag). It is the pleasant place for leisure, tourist spot and film shootings.

16.  Appikonda Beach:

Images of Appikonda Beach, Andhra pradesh

Appikonda Beach is the beautiful tourist spot located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal at a distance of about 30 kms from Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. This beach has sky blue water and is surrounded by lovely lush greenery.  Appikonda beach is a nice place for fishing and tourists can enjoy an exciting boat ride in the sea. There is an ancient lord shiva’s temple with a life size Nandi carved out of black stone located very close to this beach. On Shivarathri many devotees throng to this temple. September to March is the best time to visit this place.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

India's Top 10 Popular Beaches

Candolim Beach, Goa:
Candolim beach is situated close to the Aguada beach, about fifteen kilometers from Panaji, in north Goa. It’s a very calm and Peaceful beach, attracts many tourists for its serene and tranquil environment. This beach is well known for best seafood in Goa. 

Top 10 Beaches - Candolim Beach

Kovalam Beach, Kerala:

Kovalam Beach - located in gods own country ‘Kerala’ is one of the most famous Beaches of India, with three adjacent crescent beaches. Since 1930’s Kovalam Beach stood as a beloved place for tourists, especially for the Europeans. This Beach is situated in the capital city of Kerala – Thiruvananthapuram.

Kovalam Beach - Kerala - Top Indian Beaches
Marina Beach, Chennai:

Marina Beach - is one of the most magnificent beaches of India. It is an urban beach, situated at Kamarajar Salai Road at a distance of 3 km from the capital city of Tamil Nadu - Chennai in India. Marina Beach is the longest beach of India and is the second longest beach in the world. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and Scenic places. Marina Beach is spread across thirteen kms of area in Chennai. Watching the sunset and sunrise feels heavenly at this beach.

Top 10 Beaches of India - Marina Beach

Malpe Beach, Mangalore:

Malpe Beach is one of the major and popular beaches of Karnataka. Malpe Beach is situated at a distance of 6kms from Udupiand about 66 km north of Mangalore. It lies towards the west of Udupi at the mouth of Udyavara River. Never ending coastline flanked by three rocky islands on its western side is the main attraction of this beach. 

Top 10 Beaches of India - Malpe beach

Cherai Beach, Kochi: 
Cherai beach is the golden beach of Kerala and is one of the popular beaches of South India. Cherai Beach is widely known by the name of ‘Princess of the Queen of the Arabian Sea’. It is situated in the Cherai village of the Ernakulam district, about 35 km away from Cochin. This beach differs from other beaches in the sense that it is very clean and shallow, ideal for the purpose of Sun bathing and Swimming. September to May is the best time to visit this Beach. 

top ten beaches in India - Cherai Beach

Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam:

Ramakrishna Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the East Coast, located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It is widely called as R K Beach, which derives its name from the Ramakrishna Mission. Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, Aquarium, number of road side parks with children play equipments & lawns, War Memorial, statues of eminent personalities are the main attractions near this Beach. Best time to visit Ramakrishna Beach is August to October and January to March, when the pleasant atmosphere is present all around the beach. 

Top ten beaches in india - Ramakrishna beach

Juhu Beach, Mumbai:

Juhu Beach is one of the Famous Beaches of India, located close to Vie Parle in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Juhu beach is one of the most visited beaches of India and is the perfect place to enjoy lovely sunset. Juhu Beach is spread across 6kms of area and is most famous for film shootings. Best time to visit Juhu Beach is October to February. As high tides are expected during the monsoon season it is advised to avoid visiting this beach during monsoons. 

Images of Juhu Beach - Top 10 beaches of india

Karaikal Beach, Pondicherry

Karaikal beach - Pondicherryis one of best and popular beach holiday destination on south Tamil Nadu coast. Karaikal Beach is the best place to visit for those who seek leisure, tranquility, solitude, piousness and is popular among the tourists both as a place of enjoyment & entertainment. It is heavenly place for those who love to get virgin feeling of out of the world enjoyment and entertainment at solitude of beach. October - March is the best time to visit Karaikal beach. 

Top ten beaches of india - Karaikal beach

Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep:

Bangaram Beach is the popular beach also called as Bangaram Island, located in the islands of Lakshadweep. Sunday Times, a Travel Magazine rated Bangaram beach as one of the top ten secret beaches of world. Tourists from various regions of the world get truly fascinated by the beauty of this island and the beach. Bangaram is famous for the inhabited and tranquil ambiance and it offers wide variety of marine flora and fauna. Bangaram beach/Island is surrounded by beautiful corals which attract loads of marine life.

Top ten beaches of india - Bangaram Beach

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Island Beaches:
Radhanagar Beach is one of the two popular beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands situated just 7 kms from the Dolphin Yatri Niwas at Havelock Island in – India. Radhanagar beach is the favorite place for all nature lovers who love to explore the nature. This Beach offers a wide range of fauna and flora. Radhanagar Beach is well known for its calm and clean surrounding which offers you a soothing sensation and relieves you of all the worldly worries. October to May is the best time to visit Radhanagar beach. 

Top ten beaches of india  - Radhanagar beach

Friday, 1 February 2013

Top 10 (Ten) Honeymoon Destinations of India

1.  Manali: Manali, "Land of the Gods” is the popular tourist destination located in the Northern state of India - Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a romantic and beautiful hill resort nested in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. It is a splendid destination for a honeymoon. Fruit orchards, splendid mountains, deodar and pine forests, caves and temples all around in Manali makes an excellent destination for a honeymoon.
Best time to visit: April to June and post-monsoon during the months of September-November.

Munnar: Munnar is a misty and lush green hill station situated on high ranges of the Western Ghats in “Gods Own Country” - Kerala. It is a refreshing place to visit at most times of year and is located in Idukki District of Kerala. Munnar has cool climate, calm atmosphere and is surrounded by the scenery hills and greenery, which attracts the honeymooners throughout the year.
Best time to visit: during the months of September-May.
3.     Shimla: Shimla is one of the most famous hill stations and popular honeymoon destinations of India, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh . Shimla has pleasant climate and picturesque green hills with snow peaks, which attracts the most of the honeymooners.
Best time to visit: during the months of September - December and April – June.
4.  Ooty: Ooty is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in South India, located in Tamilnadu. It is also known as "Queen of the hills" and is surrounded by Beautiful hills, and Botanical Gardens. Ooty is the short-form used for Ootacamund, is nestled in the Nilgiri Hills or "Blue Mountains".
Best time to visit: during the months of April - June and September - November.
5.     Kodaikanal: Kodaikanal, which means “A Gift of the Forest”- located in the Palini Hills of the Western Ghats of Tamilnadu. Kodaikanal is referred as the princess of Hill stations. It is surrounded with deep green valleys, waterfalls, lakes and trekking trails, which makes it an ideal honeymoon destination.
Best time to visit: During April - June and September – October.
honeymoon places
6.     Mysore: Mysore is an ideal honeymoon destination of India which provides a sense of serenity and peace among the beauty of its palaces, temples, gardens, lakes. It is situated in the state of Karnataka – India.
Best time to visit: during the months of March – June.
7.     Goa: Goa is one of the most popular and romantic honeymoon destinations of India, located in the state of Goa. Goa is renowned for its beautiful beaches, heritage buildings, greenery and churches/temples.
Best time to visit: during the months of September – May.

Goa Honeymoon Destinations

8.     Coorg: Coorg or Kodagu is one of the popular hill stations surrounded by beautiful landscapes in the majestic Western Ghats of Karnataka state. Coorg has many tall hills and is also concerned as" Scotland of India".
Best time to visit: during the months of April – November.
9.     Darjeeling: Darjeeling is another top most honeymoon destinations of India located in West Bengal.
Best time to visit: during the months of April – June.
10.    Lakshadweep Island: Is a beautiful destination with islands and romantic beaches.
Best time to visit: during the months of November and May.
Honeymoon destinations india