Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hop Around India - A Journey not a destination...

When Big Becomes BIGGER- Presenting Hop Around India…

How many times have we seen a germ of an idea turning into a great one and a great idea turning into a brand? Well, this seems to be a dejavu for us which was thought about in March 2008 and turned out to be a single…oh no!, a few great ideas comprising of,, respectively - to empower the traveler to exclusively visit and explore the state of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, India.
The great idea has led into a brand and not just a brand but a big brand which promises to become bigger and bigger as time passes by. Launching on a bigger platter to travelers around means re- architected and re-exploring India as it should be.
We are all but delighted to unveil our new brand logo, and website with a completely new look, feel and features emphasizing more on customized travel information on India. The website is all set to focus on providing a virtual tour of India to all its visitors, and touted to make traveling in India more affordable and accessible at the click of a mouse.
Why the change? Well, as they say- except ‘change’ everything is permanent, so we thought of a change and a change for good. As travel experts we thought people world over should know, learn and explore India the way it should be. Spoon-feed travelers, highlight unexplored regions of India, and make travelling a commodity not just for the rich and the famous…and much more. We will be directing our efforts to research develop and display useful and quality travel ideas and information to the travel community within and outside India especially with the local people who will be the back bone of this.
So get cracking and we'll always welcome your comments, feedback, and criticisms, either here or at